Historic Downtown Annapolis
A two-bedroom, two-bath apartment

accommodation for 2 to 8 persons


  • Bright - lots of windows
  • Living room with fireplace
  • Dining room
  • Completely equipped kitchen with dishwasher and microwave
  • Deck with a view of Spa Creek
  • Eclectic decor
  • Full air conditioned

  • Ideal for

  • Family visits to your Mid or Johnnie
  • Family reunions
  • Wedding parties
  • Family vacation stopover
  • Romantic getaway for one or two couples
  • New arrivals waiting for your home or just to get acquainted with Annapolis
  • Between homes - sold yours, new one not ready
  • Temporary duty assignments
  • Legislative sessions
  • Available for

    Short-term stays - 2 nights to 3 months
    Ask about longer stays and rates

    Call and compare

  • Superb service from friendly owner-innkeepers
  • Priced less than government TDY allowance
  • Priced less than a hotel room
  • Priced less than anything comparable in town
  • What to See and Do

    Check upcoming events

    RATES include

  • Local phone service
  • Cable tv with VCR



    For brochure call toll-free 800-752-2525 or email psteinba@erols.com
    We will reply by FAX, email, or USnail - your choice.


    $250 per night - minimum two nights
    Deposit required with reservation
    Refundable if canceled more than 10 days in advance of reserved date
    No refund less than 10 days unless re-booked

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